The highlight of CES and IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, is that TV, the flower of household appliances, is gradually being transformed into an OLED TV showroom. In addition, OLED smart phones are competing in MWC, the mobile device exhibition. All products that generate operating profit in the TV and Smartphone market are using OLED. In future, OLED will be positioned as a premium product in the automobile display market, too.

Chinese and Japanese panel makers are also desperately trying to launch their products to the flexible OLED and WRGB OLED markets, which Samsung Display and LG Display have been leading. Flexible OLED allows for foldable electronic products that can be folded and unfolded, much developed from the curved shape. As a result, many companies in various industries are developing a variety of new technologies and products for new types of displays.


UBI Research, specialized in OLED industry research, will host the OLED business conference [2019 OLED KOREA] during March 6 ~ March 7, 2019 at the K Hotel. At the 5th OLED KOREA, not only the leaders from Samsung Display and LG Display, which hold unrivaled technological capabilities as Mecca of OLED industry, but also the experts engaged in global OLED component and material industry are to join the conference as speakers.


OLED KOREA, held in March every year, is the best meeting place to preview both the market and technology direction of the year with a comprehensive view of the current OLED market and technological innovations. Also OLED Korea provides a balanced program, where the industry leaders and experts exchange information and form a human network. The quality of the speakers and attendants enables fruitful discussions and encounters.


OLED KOREA Home Page: www.oledkoreaconference.com

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