AMOLED Display Market Track

  • AMOLED Market Track contains overall data related with AMOLED market, which are analyzed in detail together with data table and graph on Excel sheet, based on the needs of customers.
  • It provides essential information for the detailed analysis of AMOLED market performance and forecast, ASP by application, company and country, supply & demand, competitiveness by company, and overall cost structures.

Market Track Format:  Excel spreadsheet

Publication : Quarterly publication

Published month Published
2018. 02 Be published
2018. 05 New
2018. 08 To be published
2018. 11 To be published
AMOLED Display Market Track Contents

Cost Analysis(Mobile / Large-area) & Supply Chain Analysis Sample Introduce

As flexible OLED panel is applied to iPhone X following the Galaxy S series, it has emerged as the main display in the premium smart phone market. As a result, the price of flexible OLED panel is more than double the price of rigid OLED due to the use of expensive parts & materials and complexity of the process.

On the other hand, the price for OLED panels for TVs has been steadily declining as the yield has been secured. But, the direction of the price might be determined by LG Display’s business strategy to make up for its deficit.

Mobile cost analysis & Large-area cost analysis

In ‘Mobile cost analysis’, the BOM costs of Galaxy 8S and iPhone X are analyzed. In ‘Large-area cost analysis’, the manufacturing costs of each size (UHD 55 “, 65”, 77 “) are analyzed. All the cost analysis is summarized quarterly.

Supply chain analysis

In ‘Supply chain analysis’module, all the parts, materials, and equipment from OLED panel substrate to module used by Samsung Display and LG Display are described respectively. Also, the suppliers for both panel makers are summarized.

Market Sales Performance & ASP & Supply and Demand Analysis & Market Forecast Sample Introduce

Until 2017, Samsung Display was a dominant player for small and medium-sized OLED, and LG Display was the sole lead for large area OLED market.

LG Display’s dominant position is expected to continue in large area OLED for some time, however, in small and medium-sized OLED market, Samsung Display’s market share is forecast to decrease slightly as late-stage OLED panel makers start mass production.

Supply and demand analysis

Supply and demand of OLED panels are forecast from 2017 to 2022 by analyzing the demand of set makers, the supply status of panel makers, the rapidly changing device trend and oversupply ratio.

Market forecast

Based on the supply and demand analysis, ‘Market forecast’ simulates the OLED panel market for the next five years from 2018 to 2022 and analyzes OLED panel shipments and sales forecasts by application, country and substrate type.

Market sales performance

OLED sales performance from 2014 to 2017 can be identified. OLED panel shipments and sales revenue are summarized quarterly and annually, by analyzing in detail by panel maker, application, country, and substrate type.


The flow of ASP can be understood from 2014 to 2017 based on market sales performance data. Quarterly ASPs for the core products such as smart phones, TVs, tablet PCs, and smart watches are summarized, to which OLED panels are applied.

Investment & MP line status Sample Introduce

Chinese panel makers will continue to invest in Gen 6 flexible OLED lines in 2018, following last year.

On the other hand, Korean panel makers are reexamining the time to invest in flexible OLED mass production lines to cope with the rapidly changing market conditions.

Investment & MP line status enables our customers to identify the OLED production area worldwide by analyzing quarterly the investment trend data of panel makers and the glass area according to the equipment capacity by 2020 so as to respond quickly to rapidly changing market situations.

In addition, the company’s investment history, current investment situation, and investment prospects for the next three years are covered in detail by size and country.

Competitiveness Analysis for Mobile Device Sample Introduce

Major OLED panel companies such as LG Display, and BOE, GVO and Tianma in China are expected to start mass-production soon. In the future, it is anticipated that there will be intense competition to narrow the technology gap and the market share gap with Samsung Display.

In ‘Competitiveness Analysis for Mobile Device’, the projected shipment volume vs. the available OLED production area for mobile device and sales revenue of each panel maker are analyzed based on Samsung Display. Thus, the competitiveness of each panel maker can be identified.