2019 OLED Display Annual Report

2019 OLED Display
Report (PDF 168p) Market Track(Excel)
· Market Forecast
· Investment & MP Line Status
· Supply & Demand Analysis
· Sales Performance
· Investment & MP Line Status
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This report is provided with Market Track.

Market Track: Annual market data and one quarter market track.

Additional quarterly market tracks are available only to buyers who have purchased reports and market tracks.


The 2019 OLED report has significantly strengthened market and company trends compared to last year’s report. The additions are: 1) OLED industry hot issue analysis, 2) OLED panel maker business analysis, 3) production capacity analysis and forecast, and 4) demand and supply analysis.

In 2018, the market track, which is market data, was sold separately from the report. However, this year, the market track price will be greatly discounted and provided as a report and a set.

[Annual Report Set]

1. Annual report
2. Annual Market Data: Production Capacity, Market Performance, Demand Supply Analysis, Market Forecast, ASP
3. Quarterly Market Data: Production Capacity, Market Performance, Demand Supply Analysis, Market Forecast, ASP
– Additional quarterly data available

Table of Contents
1. Key Summary

2. 2019 OLED Industry Hot Issue Analysis
2.1 Foldable OLED
2.3 8K OLED
2.4 Rollable OLED TV
2.5 Reasons for Samsung Display’s operating rate drop

3. OLED Applied Product Trend
3.2 OLED smart phone
3.3 OLED smart watch
3.4 Other

4. Analysis of OLED panel makers’ business status
4.1 Samsung Display
4.2 LG Display
4.3 BOE
4.4 CSOT
4.5 Tianma
4.6 Visionox
4.7 Royole
4.8 EverDisplay Optronics
4.9 Truly
4.10 Japan Display
4.11 JOLED

5. OLED Panel Development Trend
5.1 OLED for TV
5.2 OLED for smart phone
5.3 OLED for automotive
5.4 OLED for Monitor/Notebook/Tablet PC
5.5 OLED for AR/VR
5.6 Other

6. Development History of OLED Panel Makers
6.1 Samsung Display

6.2 LG Display
6.3 BOE
6.4 CSOT
6.5 Tianma
6.6 Visionox
6.7 EverDisplay Optronics
6.8 Japan Display
6.10 Total

7. Production Capacity Analysis and Forecast
7.1 Annual substrate area
7.2 Quarterly substrate area

8. Quarterly OLED Market Analysis
8.1 Total market
8.2 Market by company
8.3 Market by application
8.4 ASP

9. OLED Market Analysis by Year
9.1 Total market
9.2 Market by company
9.3 Market by application

10. Supply and Demand Analysis
10.1 Supply and demand analysis of OLED for smart phone
10.2 Supply and demand analysis of OLED for TV

11. OLED Panel Market Forecast
11.1 Total market
11.2 Market forecast by application
11.3 Market forecast by substrate
11.4 Market forecast by nation

12. Appendix
12.1 OLED TV released in 2018
12.2 OLED smartphone launched in 2018
12.3 OLED smart watch released in 2018

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