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Estimated OLED shipments by 2020 will be 662 million units

According to UBI Research’s “2020 OLED Annual Report”, OLED sales in 2020 are expected to be $ 38.5 billion, an increase of 17.5% from the sales of $ 32.8 billion in 2019. In terms of shipments in 2020, smartphone OLEDs are expected to reach 527 million units, TV OLED units at 4.9 million units, and […]

Publication of 2019 Flexible & Foldable OLED Report

Flexible OLED is leading the smartphone market in various form factors that LCD could not provide, while foldable OLED is expected to enter the notebook market due to its collapsible convenience. Tablet PCs by foldable OLED smartphones and foldable notebooks will gradually lose the market. However, the foldable OLED market will not open easily. Since […]

Second quarter OLED emitting materials market grew 41.1% compared to the same quarter last year

According to the OLED emitting material market track published by UBI Research (www.ubiresearch.com), the second quarter earnings was $ 329 million, an increase of 16.6% compared with the previous quarter’s $ 228 million, and 41.1% higher than the second quarter’s $ 233 million. As a light emitting materials company with high sales in the second […]

OLED sales increased to $ 6.9 billion in the second quarter

According to the OLED market track published by UBI Research in the third quarter, OLED sales increased to $ 6.9 billion in the second quarter. This is an increase of 9.5% compared to last quarter, an increase of 18.5% from the same quarter last year. The biggest reason for the increase in sales is the […]

Publication of 2019 Solution Process OLED Annual Report

Report Format : PDF(140p) Publication : 2019. 08 Solution process using inkjet OLED (sol OLED) has been developed mainly as a large OLED panel for TV, but recently began to attract attention in the monitor display market. The evaporation method with FMM that produces OLED for smartphones has a bending phenomenon of FMM. Thus, the […]


The highlight of CES and IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, is that TV, the flower of household appliances, is gradually being transformed into an OLED TV showroom. In addition, OLED smart phones are competing in MWC, the mobile device exhibition. All products that generate operating profit in the TV and Smartphone market are […]

3Q OLED Market Analysis and Future Outlook

OLED market performance was worse than the first quarter due to the low utilization rate of Samsung Display during the second quarter, and the industry was nervous. Lower utilization rates have a direct impact on material companies’ sales and lead to delayed investment at the A5 plant, at which future orders are expected. However, sales […]

[Press Release] Foldable OLED Market Grows Fast to US$ 24.6 Billion by 2023

5G communication technology introduced from next year can process higher image quality and large-capacity contents such as VR more rapidly, besides real-time streaming service. As the communication speed increases, the relevant contents, are expected to be released, which require high resolution and large screen with graphics detailed.   The current smart phone is getting bigger […]

Foldable OLED Report

The required smartphone in the 5G communication era is a product with a 7-inch or larger display that supports 4K resolution. When the size of the mobile phone is more than 7 inches, the portability is degraded because it is similar in size to a small table PC. A smartphone capable of maximizing portability with […]