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Published AMOLED Process Report ver.2

The AMOLED Process Report analyzed the structure and manufacturing process by dividing AMOLED into small and large sizes. In addition, since the inspection process of small and medium-sized AMOLED has been diagrammed, this report enables companies in the OLED industry to understand the overall structure and core processes of AMOLED. The AMOLED process report ver.2 […]

Publication of 2019 OLED Equipment Report

2019 OLED Equipment Report (PDF 108p) Market Track(Excel) · ASP · Sales Performance · Market Forecast June Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Chinese panel makers are boldly investing in the 6G OLED line of the OLED market, which is being dominated by Samsung Display. Samsung Display is rushing to develop and invest in QD-OLED to capture […]

OLED production capacity will increase to double in 2023.

UBI Research has published [2019 OLED Equipment Report] that forecasts the OLED equipment market. According to the report, the total substrate area of display companies in 2019 will be 34.9 million square meters, which will be 68.5 million square meters in 2023 and double after four years. OLED substrate area growth is attributable to investments […]

Publication of 2019 OLED Components and Materials Report

Material and Component 22019 OLED Material and Component Report PDF(67p) OLED Material and Component Market Track · ASP · Sales Performance · Market Forecast April Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec The picture quality of the LCD depends on the characteristics of backlight and TFT, liquid crystal, color filter and optical film including polarizer, but the OLED […]

Publication of 2019 OLED Emitting Material Report

Emitting Material 2019 AMOLED Emitting Material Report PDF(74p) OLED Emitting Material Market · ASP · Sales Performance · Market Forecast March Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec In 2018, Visionox is expected to begin production of flexible OLED panels in 2019 following the successful shipment of BOE’s flexible OLED panels. As Chinese display makers have proven to […]