Automotive OLED Display Report

Audi pioneered a new market for OLEDs. For the first time as a car display, Audi used Samsung Display’s 5.7-inch rigid OLED as the rear seat remote display for the A8. It will also apply a 7-inch OLED display for its all-new electric Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the Audi e-tron®. One of its highlights is optional ‘virtual exterior mirrors’ which feature a small side-view camera instead of the existing side mirrors. The driver can view the images captured by the camera in real time through the OLED display.

LG Display is also in the final stage to supply 12.3-inch pOLED for the cluster and CID.

This report analyzes the reason why OLED is used as a display for automobile together with its development status and future market forecast.

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