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100x100mm OLED Lighting Panel Production Cost, US$ 2.5 Also Possible

As environmental issues are becoming a global concern, countries around the world are introducing environmental policies. Lighting occupies approximately 1,900,000,000 tonnes of global annual carbon dioxide emissions, and is becoming a big environmental regulation issue. Also as it takes up 25% of global power consumption it is an important area for energy reduction. Restriction regarding incandescent light, which used to be the main lighting, started and with active regulation on fluorescent light expected to begin, next generation lighting market is forecast to grow considerably.


At present, LED is in spotlight as the next generation lighting, rapidly expanding the market with its high efficiency and lifetime, replacing incandescent and fluorescent light. OLED does not contain harmful materials or light, and as lighting with high energy efficiency, it is receiving much attention as the most suitable next generation light for environmental and energy reducing policies. However, due to the steep price compared to LED, the market is growing more slowly than estimated.


According to UBI Research’s OLED Lighting Annual Report, published today (14th May), if 100mmx100mm is mass produced using equipment size of 1270mmx1270mm, OLED lighting panel production cost is analyzed to fall to US$ 5 or lower from 3rd year of mass production, and US$ 2.5 from 10th year (when 1 min tack time/single stack). This price is higher than US$ 1 – 3 of incandescent and fluorescent lights but much lower than approximately US$ 10 of LED lamp for interior lighting (60~70lm/W). Additionally, OLED lighting panel is currently being mass produced with superior efficiency and lifetime compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and being developed with efficiency equal to LED. Considering these factors, if active mass production investments by OLED lighting panel companies take place, the market share within the lighting sector is estimated to rapidly increase.


OLED Lighting Annual Report forecast that in the early stages of mass production OLED lighting will form market focusing on areas where OLED lighting’s merits can be utilized in areas such as automotive, medical use, cosmetics, and exhibitions and not through main lighting. However, once mass production competitiveness is achieved, it is expected to quickly expand in main lighting market. Additionally, lighting market with high added value could be created through differentiation using flexible and transparent, and forecast the market to grow to show US$ 2,900,000,000 by 2025, and occupy approximately 10% of the total lighting market.


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The data used for this report has been compiled, based on OLED companies’ information, though wired/wireless communication or in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent.

The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of AMOLED panel companies.


Executive Summary

A summary for quick understanding of entire report

Issue Analysis

Recent key issues related to white OLED display have been selected and analyzed. The reason for large area AMOLED and latecomers have to mass produce white OLED display is discussed. Solution processed RGB OLED, which is estimated to be a rival technology for large area WRGB OLED, and WRGB OLED are compared and analyzed. By examining WRGB OLED and LCD (equipped with new technology to catch up to OLED), and their next generational competitiveness forecast future course for display. Includes analysis of WRGB OLED TV manufacturing companies.

White OLED Display Outline

Presented definition of white OLED display, categorization, structure, and development history in order to assist in understanding of white OLED display.

Trend Analysis of White OLED Display Companies / History Analysis

Analyzed key white OLED display companies’ trends in 2014 and history for better understanding of overall market flow.

White OLED Display Line Situation

Outlined R&D, pilot, and mass production lines for key white OLED display companies to forecast 2015/2016 investment plans and business course of panel companies.

White OLED Display Market Forecast (2015-2020)

Forecast white OLED display between 2015 and 2020 in terms of country, size and substrate type.

White OLED Emitting Material Market Forecast (2015-2020)

Forecast of market for emitting materials used in white OLED display between 2015 and 2020.

White OLED Equipment Market Forecast (2015-2020)

Forecast of market for key equipment used in white OLED display production between 2015 and 2020.

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[Display] 2007년 1/4분기 OLED 분기 보고서

07년 1/4분기는 디스플레이업계가 고전을 하였지만, OLED산업은 연평균 성장률은 67%에서 알 수 있듯이 시장확대가 지속된 것으로 조사되었다. 또한, OLED업체들의 활발한 개발소식과 양산발표소식들이 전시회를 즈음하여 발표되었다.
본 보고서에서는 07년 1/4분기동안의 업체동향과 전시회동향, 시장동향, 특허동향, 제품동향을 OLED시장의 흐름 파악이 용이하도록 정리하였다.
제품들은 UCC라는 트렌드에 맞춰가기 위하여 동화상과 휴대성의 만족도와 응답속도를 높이기 위한 방법으로 OLED를 탑재하였다. 시장에서는 PMOLED에 대한 판가하락이 있었지만 전년도 동분기 대비 출하량증대로 시장확대는 가시화되었다. 전시회는 OLED에 대해 관심을 더욱 증폭시킨 틀이 되었고, 07년 1/4분기 특허에서 일본업체들의 약진이 두드러졌다.
본 보고서를 통해 OLED시장을 분석하여 미래를 예측하는 도구로 활용될 것이다.

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