Foldable OLED Report

The required smartphone in the 5G communication era is a product with a 7-inch or larger display that supports 4K resolution. When the size of the mobile phone is more than 7 inches, the portability is degraded because it is similar in size to a small table PC. A smartphone capable of maximizing portability with a 7-inch or larger display is a foldable phone with foldable OLED.

Therefore, panel makers capable of producing foldable OLEDs, set-makers capable of selling foldable phones, and the companies capable of supplying the necessary materials and components to the foldable OLEDs and phones will be able to maintain their business after 2020. This report analyzes the success factors of foldable phone and foldable OLED development trend. Especially, it describes the development direction and supply chain analysis of Samsung Display, which occupies more than 95% of the total market. Also it predicts the future of foldable OLED through market forecast.

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