OLED Material and Component Industry Report

Report Format : PDF

Publication : 2018. 05

  • The report describes the challenges for mass production of foldable OLED with 1R bending radius, together with the technological development direction of material and component companies. In addition, it explains the current status and development trends of the materials and components for rigid OLED and flexible OLED for mobile device, and large-area OLED for TV.
  • Since the market is also analyzed by component and material (2018-2022), the report is expected to help customers to develop their future direction, business strategy, investment, and trend analysis. For more details on market forecasts, it is recommendable to refer to the OLED Material and Component Industry Market track.
1. Key Issues and Development Direction of Materials and Components for 1R Foldable OLED

1.1 Summary
1.2 Thickness Reduction
1.3 Structure Change
1.4 Alternative Material Development
1.5 Requirement and Roadmap

2. Status for Materials and Components by Layer

2.1 Substrate
2.2 TFT
2.3 Electrode
2.4 Encapsulation
2.5 Touch Sensor
2.6 Polarizer
2.7 Adhesive
2.8 Cover Windos
2.9 Driver IC
2.10 Composite Sheet

3. Material Comparison between Rigid OLED and Flexible OLED

3.1 Structure
3.2 Difference by Layer

4. Market Forecast for Materials and Components

4.1 Overall Market
4.2 Substrate
4.3 TFT
4.4 Encapsulation
4.5 Touch Sensor
4.6 Polarizer
4.7 Adhesive
4.8 Cover Window
4.9 Driver IC
4.10 Composite Sheet
4.11 Process Film