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The Weekly Display Industry Analysis Report is the best solution to analyze the information generated by the Display industry for a week to verify the correct information value. This report is a one-year paid service that is delivered directly to customers by mail every Monday.

Weekly Display Industry Analysis Report
September. 21, 2020

Since last week, sanctions have been imposed so that products containing US technology cannot be sold to Huawei. Various parts including semiconductors used in smartphones were subject to sanctions. Huawei became unable to use the Android OS from the US government, and subsequently, it was unable to purchase TSMR’s semiconductors. It was no longer possible to purchase OLED from Samsung Display and LG Display. This is because OLED basic patents started in the US. Huawei sanctions in the US are also sanctions on Huawei’s supply chain. In fact, Samsung Display and LG Display have also requested the US government to supply OLEDs to Huawei.


Huawei Sanctions Impact on OLED Industry