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  • Change in OLED Market by Coronavirus Report


    March 31, 2021

    This report is based on the results of a close analysis of the effect of coronavirus on the OLED market from March when coronavirus began to spread worldwide.
    The electronics industry all over the world is being hit hard. The smartphone market is expected to decrease by 20% to 1.2 billion units, but the OLED smartphone market is only expected to decrease by 7.8%. However, the market for TV OLED is very hard. This is because a 26.5% decrease is expected.
    This report was prepared to provide guidelines for panel makers, component materials, and equipment makers in the display industry to endure 2020 and anticipate business after 2021.
    The reasons for the market decline of each application were closely analyzed, and data were presented to confirm how the rigid OLED, flexible OLED, and foldable OLED markets are changing in the substrate-specific market, especially in the smartphone market.