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  • 2020 OLED Display Annual Report


    February 15, 2020

    The 2020 OLED Annual Report is a comprehensive version of the existing annual report and the contents of the Foldable Report, Solution Process Report and Automotive Report.
    In addition, the contents of the report are organized by device so that each company can closely grasp the OLED industry of interest.
    The OLED industry is broken down by device, detailing technology development trends, set trends, panel makers’ trends, and market performance and outlook.
    In particular, the market data in the report contains almost the contents of the quarterly market tracks published by UBI Research and summarizes the results of the quarterly and yearly graphs in order to understand the annual flow as a single report.
    All market data were categorized by company, device, substrate, and country. The market situation was analyzed in three dimensions by cross-analyzing by classification criteria.