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Micro-LED Technology and Development Trends Report


June 11, 2024



Micro-LED displays, which garner attention as a next-generation display technology, utilize micrometer-sized LEDs. These self-emitting elements offer advantages such as high resolution, high brightness, high efficiency, and long lifespan. They are primarily applied on a pilot basis in small-sized AR/VR devices and large-sized TV fields. However, they are expanding into various areas, such as automotive, transparent displays, and microdisplays.
Korea, China, Taiwan, and the United States are leading the development of Micro-LED technology. China provides national support for these, and numerous Chinese companies are developing this technology. Taiwan, on the other hand, is aiming to create a new market in the field of commercial displays using Micro-LED.
The ‘Micro-LED Technology and Development Trends Report’ published by UBI Research is a comprehensive resource. It provides a detailed analysis of Micro-LED technology. It includes the current status of technology and companies by application field. Additionally, it offers information on Micro-LED application products and market forecasts for Micro-LED chips. This report is an indispensable strategic reference for companies operating in the Micro-LED sector.


1. Analysis of Micro-LED technology
1.1 Advantages of Micro-LED Display
1.2 Basic core technologies of Micro-LED Display
1.3 Structure and Features of Micro-LED Chip
1.4 The manufacturing process of GaN-based Micro-LED Chip
1.5 Technical issues of the manufacturing process
1.6 Characteristics issues of Micro-LED
1.7 Micro-LED chip shrink and wafer size
1.8 Micro-LED chip shipping configuration
1.9 High-resolution technology of Micro-LED array
1.10 Mass-transfer and bonding technologies
1.11 Color implementation technology of Micro-LED display
1.12 Driving technology of Micro-LED display
1.13 Micro-LED display manufacturing process

2. Development status for Micro-LED display applications
2.1 Micro-LED Display Application Trend
2.2 Development status for large-sized Micro-LED display
2.3 Development status for transparent Micro-LED display
2.4 Development status for AR application of Micro-LED display
2.5 Development status for automotive application of Micro-LED display
2.6 Development status for smartwatch application of Micro-LED display

3. Development status of Micro-LED display major companies
3.1 Development status by Chinese companies
3.2 Development status by Taiwanese companies
3.3 Development status by US and European companies
3.4 Development status by Korean companies

4. Status of equipment and process technology companies
4.1 MOCVD manufacturers for Epi-wafer
4.2 Epi-wafer suppliers
4.3 Mass-transfer equipment and technology companies
4.4 Inspection and testing technology companies

5. Micro-LED Display Market Outlook
5.1 Market Outlook for Micro-LED Application Products
5.2 Market Outlook for Micro-LED Chip

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