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  • Latest Technology Development Trends for OLED and QD-LED


    August 08, 2021

    The “Latest Technology Development Trends for OLED and QD-LED” report published this time contains the latest technology trends that show the current state of evolving OLED and the future evolution direction.
    In addition, the latest technological trends related to QD-LED, which is called next-generation display technology following OLED, are also included in this report. If the LED itself emits light, it will be a self-luminous device with a wide color gamut, and since the solution process is possible, the manufacturing cost can be reduced, so expectations are rising as a next-generation device.

  • Analysis of China’s OLED Industry Trend


    June 06, 2021

    The Chinese OLED market has slowed growth due to COVID-19, but is showing a recovery trend as panel makers resumed OLED investment and line expansion from the second half of last year. The ‘China OLED Industry Trend Analysis Report’ investigated the business status of Chinese panel makers and analyzed the status of component materials and light emitting materials and the supply chain.

  • Change in OLED Market by Coronavirus Report


    March 03, 2021

    This report is based on the results of a close analysis of the effect of coronavirus on the OLED market from March when coronavirus began to spread worldwide.
    The electronics industry all over the world is being hit hard. The smartphone market is expected to decrease by 20% to 1.2 billion units, but the OLED smartphone market is only expected to decrease by 7.8%. However, the market for TV OLED is very hard. This is because a 26.5% decrease is expected.
    This report was prepared to provide guidelines for panel makers, component materials, and equipment makers in the display industry to endure 2020 and anticipate business after 2021.
    The reasons for the market decline of each application were closely analyzed, and data were presented to confirm how the rigid OLED, flexible OLED, and foldable OLED markets are changing in the substrate-specific market, especially in the smartphone market.

  • Chinese OLED Industry Trends in The First Half of 2020


    March 03, 2021

    UBI Research published and published a trend report of China related to the OLED industry at the end of the first half of 2020.

    The purpose of the publication of this report is to separate the trend of China’s ever-growing size and technological advances, and to organize them through detailed analysis.

    This report includes product launch trends of OLED-related Chinese set makers during 2019 ~ the first half of 2020, business status and investment status by major panel manufacturers, supply chain for major products, various performance analysis and forecasts, and includes the trend of recently announced exhibition products.

  • Latest OLED Technology Trend Report


    September 09, 2020

    The “Latest OLED Technology Trend Report” analyzed the research presented by display companies, research institutes, and universities in SID, IMID, IDW from 2016 to 2020, and carefully selected and organized only the technology used in OLED manufacturing and the technology deemed applicable in the future.
    It was compiled by Urabe (former Sony OLED development team leader/development director), a senior analyst at UBI Research.
    The report will be a guideline that shows OLED developers the goals and directions of development by technology.