UB Industry Research Co. provides the stereoscopic solution to satisfy needs of customers, based on extensive know-how.

Business Status

UB Industry Research Co. provides multi-strategical solutions to each value vain, according to the circumstance of each enterprise.
We promise that we will provide enterprise customized programs that can lead customers’ business to success, based on extensive global consulting experiences.

Consulting Realms

Consulting Process

  • Starting

    • Meeting
    • Understanding Needs
    • Establishing the Project Plan
    • Submitting a Proposal
    • Signing a Contract
  • Planning

    • Presenting the Task Scope
    • Designing Study Methods
    • Designing and Establishing a Study Report
    • Deciding the Major Target
  • Collection and Analysis of Data

    • Information Study (internal/external)
    • An Analysis of the Trend of Leading Industry
    • An Expert Interview
    • A Data Analysis
  • Mediation and Completion

    • An Analysis and Mediation of Solution
    • Presenting a Final Report
    • Establishing a Plan of Follow-up Services
  • Follow-up Service

    • Checking the Solution to be Provided
    • Feedback 715