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  • QNED, nono-rod, Samsung Display

    QNED Technology Maturity Analysis Report


    June 22, 2021

    The reality of QNED (quantum dot nano-rod LED) that Samsung Display is preparing as a next-generation display has become clear.
    As a result of analyzing 160 patents applied by Samsung Display, it was confirmed that the structure constituting the QNED has already been completed, and that the only remaining task is to keep the number of nano-rod LEDs arranged in the light-emitting pixel constant.
    The number of aligned nano-rod LEDs per pixel, which determines the yield and image quality of QNED, is determined by the distribution of LEDs in the ink, the number of LEDs injected into the pixel, and the alignment ratio of the injected LEDs.

  • QNED Technical Analysis Report


    November 12, 2020

    This report consists of a detailed analysis of 94 patents filed by Samsung Display in relation to QNED, which were released by the second week of October 2020. In the first half of last year, QNED was analyzed as 41 patents, and there was a difference of about 6 months in the additional patents, but surprisingly technological progress was confirmed. The backplane of QNED is 7T2C TFT, and it was found that the oscillator for aligning the nano-rod LED and the transistor for repair are arranged together. The QNED circuit was configured similar to the TFT structure used in OLED for mobile devices. Since QNED is also a current driven device, it seems that precise control is required. Large OLED uses 3T1C structure.

  • QNED Structure and Manufacturing Technology Analysis Report


    May 25, 2020

    UBI Research published a report analyzing Samsung Display’s 41 published patents for QNED (quantum dot nanorod LED). Samsung Display is developing QNED as the next-generation display business. Reports on the QNED structure have already been issued through various channels, but the substance of the QNED has not been released. This report contains directions for the development of QNED technology, including QNED pixel structure and nanorod LED alignment principles analyzed from published patent content. In addition, a manufacturing process constructed based on the structure depicted in the patent was included.