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  • Mini-LED BLU Technology and Mini-LED TV Market


    January 9, 2021

    Products with more advanced LCDs appear. It is an LCD that has greatly improved brightness, HDR, and color reproducibility by adding QD film and mini-LED to BLU. The existing top-level LCD used a full array local dimming (FALD) BLU with a local dimming zone of about 300 to 500.
    When the local dimming zone is increased to more than 3,000 by using mini-LED, the contrast ratio is significantly improved, and the halo effect is reduced compared to FALD BLU LCD TVs. In order to realize the same performance as OLED, the local dimming zone must have as many pixels as the number of pixels, but due to the limitation of LED size reduction, mini-LED TVs to be sold this year will have a local dimming zone of 1,000 to 3,000 products. Driving is a PM method.
    A TFT substrate is required for AM driving. It is still under development, and oxide TFT and LTPS TFT are expected to be used.
    UBI Research prepared this report, expecting that mini-LED TVs will compete in picture quality with OLED TVs in the future and will grow rapidly.
    This report consists of three parts: technical content related to mini-LED BLU, mini-LED TV market forecast through cost analysis, and supply chain.
    The mini-LED BLU technology, development status, and mini-LED BLU business feasibility are easy to understand.