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  • Foldable & Slidable OLED Technology and Market Outlook


    January 2, 2024

    Foldable OLED technology, which started in the smartphone market, is also sprouting up in the notebook market. Foldable OLED technology has the advantage that the entire front of a smartphone or notebook can be configured as a screen, and since the screen can be folded, it is a product that enhances portability. Therefore, it will become an essential product in the increasingly sophisticated information age.

  • 2021 Flexible & Foldable OLED Report


    October 22, 2021

    This report predicted that major panel companies would develop foldable and rollable devices, development trends of related materials, investment trends in flexible OLED lines by panel companies, market prospects for flexible OLEDs, and cover window markets for foldable phones.
    Foldable and rollable device development trends by panel companies include panel companies’ development roadmaps, development trends, and exhibitions, which are expected to help companies who failed to attend related events as they include Chinese exhibitions such as DIC 2021 and UDE 2021.
    Foldable-related material development trends dealt with the development trends of UTG and microlens arrays, pol-less, and under panel cameras. The trend of flexible OLED line investment by panel companies includes Samsung Display’s future investment and future investment direction due to excessive investment in 6th generation flexible OLEDs by Chinese panel companies, so it will help flexible OLEDs and foldable OLED-related companies understand the current and future.