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  • 2021 OLED Emitting Material Report


    May 6, 2021

    The “2021 OLED Emitting Material Report” published this time focused on the development trend of blue phosphorescent materials, such as
    analysis of the possibility of commercialization of blue phosphorescence and analysis of competitiveness between blue phosphorescence and
    next-generation blue emitting materials. In addition, the development trends of low-power driving technologies such as LTPO TFT, micro lens
    array, and pol-less to reduce battery consumption of mobile devices are included. Moreover, since we have dealt with the analysis of panel
    structure and supply chain by panel company, material performance analysis and material market forecast, it will be helpful for OLED emitting
    material-related companies to plan strategies to respond to the future market.

  • 2020 OLED Emitting Material Report


    March 31, 2020

    The market data for the 2020 emitting material report calculated the demand and amount of materials considering the market changes by application products due to coronavirus and the business status of each panel maker. In this report, the current development status of materials and the direction of improvement of color reproduction rate of panel makers are recorded, so that it is possible to figure out what the direction of material development of light emitting materials companies should be. In addition, the process of manufacturing the pixel process described in the drawings is carefully recorded so that researchers in the light emitting material company can easily understand the process of making the OLED pixel.