2024 eXtended Reality Korea presentation materials for sale

March 27 ~ 29, 2024 (2024 OLED Korea and 2024 eXtended Reality Korea will be held in parallel.)

Why eXtended Reality Korea?
eXtended Reality Korea provides a global networking opportunity to exchange the latest information from XR industry-related companies, academia, and research organizations.
  • Outstanding programs with reputable speakers
  • Hub for networking, sharing ideas and seeking new opportunities
  • Opportunity to build solid business relationships and partnerships
  • Meet reliable sources for market/industry forecasts
eXtended Reality Korea Information
  • Date : March 27 ~ 29 , 2024
  • Time : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Venue : The-K Hotel Seoul, Korea
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Presentation materials list

Tutorial: March 27
The Future of Extended Reality (XR): At Perspective of Display Backplane Technology, Hyun Jae Kim, Yonsei University
Introduction to Micro-LED display technology, Dae-Gyu Moon, Soonchunhyang University
Key Technologies to Realize Next-generation OLED Displays, Changho Noh, UBI Research

Keynote: March 28
OLED and XR indusry outlook, Choonghoon YI, UBI Research
Automotive Display / HUD Trend and Future Display, Sungyi Kim, Hyundai MOBIS

Keynote: March 29
Next-Gen Mixed Reality: New Horizons for Spatial Computing, Alexey Menshikov, Fortell Games

eXtended Reality Korea: March 28
Display Projects at Holoptic, Fedor Dimov, Holoptic
MicroLED micro-display in PlayNitride, Chih-Ling Wu, PlayNitride
Precise Metrology in Diffractive AR Waveguide Mass Production Process: Lessons and Innovations from OptoFidelity, Pekka Laiho, Optofidelity
Design Diversity: Emerging Trends in microLED Chip Architecture, Metrology, and Inspection, David Lewis, Inziv
Light measurement of XR devices, Yangjae Ha, Instrument Systems

eXtended Reality Korea: March 29
MicroLEDs in 2024: technology, industry, and market overview, Zine BOUHAMRI, Yole Group
Overview of Optical See-through AR Display Architectures, Hiroshi Mukawa, Sony Group Corporation
Unlocking New Possibilities: Nanoimprint Lithography for AR/VR/XR Waveguide Fabrication, Patrick Schuster, EV group
Unlocking the Potential of AR/VR Technology through the Innovations at Merck, Norihiko Tanaka, Merck Electronics
Global Trends and developing the XR Device Industry in Korea, Sung-jin Kim, KIET
OLED Color Patterning Technologies for AR/VR and IT Displays, Chiwoo Kim, APS
CMOS Backplane Technology and Its Challenge for µLEDoS AR/XR Display, MYUNGHEE LEE, Sapien Semiconductors
High Resolution Evaporator For 10Kppi OLEDoS Microdisplay., Chriss Changhun Hwang, OLEDON
Microdisplays for XR and various applications, BRIAN KIM, RAONTECH

OLED Korea: March 28
UDC’s Phosphorescent OLED Innovation Roadmap, Michael Hack, UDC
Valley-centre tandem perovskite light-emitting diodes, Tae-Woo Lee, Seoul National University
A Single Backplane Technology for AMOLED Smartphones, Tablets and TVs, John Brewer, Amorphyx
Progress, Challenge and Opportunities in Oxide TFTs for Application from AMOLED to AR/VR/Semiconductor Chips, Jae Kyeong Jeong, Hanyang University
IT and Automotive Display Technology Trends, Chang Wook Han, UBI Research

OLED Korea: March 29
The competition and ecology of OLED TV and Mini LED in the high-end TV market, Melissa Wang, Beijing RUNTO Technology
Accelerating OLED materials R&D through multi-scale modeling, Franco Egidi, Software for Chemistry & Materials
Realization of organic semiconductor electroluminescent device with unprecedented emission combining both high directionality and high color purity, Fatima Bencheikh, KOALA Tech
A novel deep-blue OLED emitter approach combining efficiency and stability by using intra-metallic lanthanide emitters., Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, beeOLED
Novel p-dopant concepts for unprecedented freedom in OLED stack design: low absorption and tunable doping strength, Julia Stolz, CREDOXYS