2022 OLED Emitting Material Report


May 18, 2022



In “2022 OLED Emitting Material Report”, the current status of panel makers by line and future plans were carefully detailed. The annual substrate area was divided into small size and medium large size types and diagrammed.
The OLED industry issue analyzed Korean and Chinese panel makers’ IT line investment status and future forecasts, Samsung Display’s QD-OLED current status and future investment scenarios, and the possibility of diversification of iPhone panel suppliers.
The IT line investment included the future RGB 2stack OLED light-emitting material market and thickness for each layer.
The analysis for light-emitting material company business trends examined the reasons for the increase or decrease in the performance of each material company over the past three years. The status of major Chinese light-emitting material companies was also summarized.
The market and demand forecast from 2022 to 2026 for emitting materials will help OLED emitting material companies establish strategies for the future.

1. Key Summary

2. Analysis and Forecast of OLED Panel Makers’ Mass Production Capacity
2.1 Line Status by Panel Maker
2.2 Annual Substrate Area Forecast
2.3 Annual Substrate Area Forecast for Small OLED
2.4 Annual Substrate Area Forecast for Medium and Large OLED

3. OLED Shipment Forecast
3.1 Total OLED Shipments
3.2 Shipments by Application

4. OLED Industry Issue Analysis
4.1 Line Investment Status and Forecast for IT
4.2 Possibility of Collaboration between Samsung Electronics and LG Display
4.3 Samsung Display’s QD-OLED Mass Production
4.4 Possibility to Diversify Panel Suppliers for iPhone
4.5 TCL CSOT’s Solution Process OLED Line Investment Possibility

5. Emitting Material Performance Trend
5.1 Soluble Materials
5.2 Hyper-Fluorescence Materials
5.3 Blue Phosphorescent Material

6. Business Trends by Emitting Material Companies
6.1 Performance Analysis by Material Company
6.2 Status of Emitting Material Companies in China

7. Supply Chain and Panel Structure Analysis by Panel Maker
7.1 Samsung Display
7.2 LG Display
7.3 BOE
7.4 Tianma
7.5 Visionox
7.6 Others

8. OLED Emitting Material Performance Analysis
8.1 Total
8.2 By Country
8.3 By Company
8.4 By Layer
8.5 By OLED Structure
8.6 By Function
8.7 By Application

9. Analysis of OLED Emitting Materials Market Share in 2021
9.1 Total
9.2 Host
9.3 Dopant
9.4 HTL
9.5 ETL
9.6 Other Materials

10. OLED Emitting Material Demand Forecast
10.1 Overview
10.2 Total
10.3 By Country
10.4 By Panel Maker
10.5 By Layer
10.6 By OLED Structure
10.7 By Emitting Material

11. OLED Emitting Materials Market Forecast
11.1 Total
11.2 By Country
11.3 By Panel Maker
11.4 By Layer
11.5 By OLED Structure
11.6 By Emitting Material

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