2021 OLED Emitting Material Report


May 6, 2021



The “2021 OLED Emitting Material Report” published this time focused on the development trend of blue phosphorescent materials, such as
analysis of the possibility of commercialization of blue phosphorescence and analysis of competitiveness between blue phosphorescence and
next-generation blue emitting materials. In addition, the development trends of low-power driving technologies such as LTPO TFT, micro lens
array, and pol-less to reduce battery consumption of mobile devices are included. Moreover, since we have dealt with the analysis of panel
structure and supply chain by panel company, material performance analysis and material market forecast, it will be helpful for OLED emitting
material-related companies to plan strategies to respond to the future market.

1. Key Summary

2. Analysis of OLED Development Trend for Smartphones
2.1 Low Power Driving Technology Development Trend
2.3 High Refractive Index CPL
2.4 Micro Lens Array
2.5 Pol-less

3. Blue Phosphorescent Material Developemtn Trend
3.1 Phosphorescent Technology Introduction and Details
3.2 Phosphorescent Material Research Trend
3.3 Analysis of Commercial Possibility of Blue Phosphorescence
3.4 Anaysis of Competitiveness with next-generation Blue Emitting Material

4. Analysis of Correlation Between High Resolution OLED and Material Properties
4.1 Relationship Between OLED Resolution and Luminance
4.2 Relationship Between OLED Resolution and Lifetime
4.3 Relationship Between OLED Resolution and Power Consumption
4.4 Material Property Requirements according to OLED High Resolution

5. Business Trend By Emitting Material Company
5.1 Performance Analysis by Material Company
5.2 Patent Trend

6. Analysis of Panel Structure and Supply Chain by Panel Company
6.1 Smasung Display
6.2 LG Display
6.3 BOE
6.4 Visionox
6.5 Others

7.OLED Panel Maker Mass Production Capa Analysis and Forecast
7.1 Annual Total Substrate Area Forecast
7.2 Small OLED Annual substrate Area Fore cast
7.3 Medium-sized and Large OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast

8. OLED Shipment Forecast
8.1 Total OLED Shipment
8.2 By Application

9. OLED Emitting Material Performance Analysis
9.1 Total
9.2 By Nation
9.3 By Panel Company
9.4 By Layer
9.5 By OLED Method
9.6 By Purpose
9.7 By Application

10. OLED Emitting Material Market Share Analysis
10.1 Analysis of OLED Emitting Material Sales Share in 2020
10.2 Host
10.3 Dopant
10.4 HTL
10.5 ETL
10.6 Other Materials

11. OLED Emitting Material Demand Forecast
11.1 Overview
11.2 Total
11.3 By Nation
11.4 By Panel Company
11.5 By Layer
11.6 By OLED Method
11.7 By Materials

12. OLED Emitting Material Market Forecast
12.2 Total
12.3 By Nation
12.4 By Panel Company
12.5 By Layer
12.6 By OLED Method
12.7 By Materials

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