2023 OLED Emitting Material Report


May 8, 2023



In the “2023 OLED Emitting Material Report”, deals with the overall development trend of blue emitting materials, including blue phosphorescent materials that have recently attracted attention.
In the analysis of OLED industry issues, Samsung Display’s blue phosphorescent material development status, global 8.6G IT investment status, Samsung Display’s QD-OLED line future outlook, Samsung Display’s light emitting structure application status, TCL CSOT’s solution process OLED line investment possibility are included.
In the emitting material supply chain of each panel company, new emitting structures for Samsung Display’s QD-OLED and LG Display’s Guangzhou WOLED are updated, and the supply chain of Chinese panel makers is strengthened.
In the emitting material market performance, performance is analyzed by material company, and the emitting material market and demand are forecasted by country, panel company, and emitting material from 2023 to 2027.

1. Key Summary

2. Development Trends of Blue Emitting Materials
2.1 Summary
2.2 Comparison of Candidate Technologies for High Efficiency and Long Life Blue Emitting Materials
2.3 Quantum Efficiency Improvement of Fluorescent Devices
2.4 Hyperfluorescence
2.5 Phosphorescent Materials
2.6 Deuterium Substitution

3. Emitting Material Performance Trend
3.1 Soluble
3.2 Hyperfluorescence

4. OLED Industry Issue Analysis
4.1 Samsung Display’s Blue Phosphorescent Material Development Status
4.2 Line Investment Status and Forecast for IT
4.3 Reorganization of Chinese OLED Production Line
4.4 Samsung Display’s QD-OLED Line Status and Future Prospects
4.5 Panel Supplier Outlook for iPhone Series
4.6 Samsung Display’s Rigid OLED Shipments for Smartphones Are Declining
4.7 Samsung Display’s Emitting Structure Application Model Status and Future Forecast
4.8 TCL CSOT’s Solution Process OLED Line Investment Possibility

5. OLED Panel Makers Mass Production Capacity Analysis and Forecast
5.1 Samsung Display
5.2 LG Display
5.3 BOE
5.5 EverDisplay Optronics
5.6 Tianma
5.7 Visionox
5.8 Line Status by Panel Maker
5.9 Annual Substrate Area Forecast
5.10 Small OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast
5.11 Medium and Large OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast

6. OLED Shipment Forecast
6.1 Total
6.2 By Application

7. Analysis of Supply Chain and Panel Structure by Panel Maker
7.1 Samsung Display
7.2 LG Display
7.3 BOE
7.5 Tianma
7.6 Visionox

8. OLED Emitting Material Sales Analysis
8.1 Total
8.2 By Country
8.3 By Panel Maker
8.4 By Layer
8.5 By OLED Structure
8.6 By Function
8.7 By Application
8.8 By Material Company

9. Analysis of OLED Emitting Material Market Share in 2022
9.1 Total
9.2 Host
9.3 Dopant
9.4 HTL
9.5 ETL
9.6 Others

10. OLED Emitting Material Demand Forecast
10.1 Overview
10.2 Total
10.3 By Country
10.4 By Panel Maker
10.5 By Layer
10.6 By OLED Structure
10.7 By Emitting Material

11. OLED Emitting Materials Market Forecast
11.1 Total
11.2 By Country
11.3 By Panel Maker
11.4 By Layer
11.5 By OLED Structure
11.6 By Emitting Material

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