2022 OLED Component and Material Report


July 28, 2022



This “2022 OLED Component and Material Report” deals with the latest OLED industry issue, development of component and materials for foldable devices and industry status, the mass production capacity of OLED panel makers, and major components and materials market forecasts.
In the OLED industry issue analysis, Chinese material companies’ domestic movement, IT line investment, and Micro OLED investment trend were recorded. We analyzed the development trend of the scented foldable laptop.
In the main development status of OLED, the future roadmap of pol-less technology is predicted and the development trend of low-k materials for improving touch sensitivity is summarized.

Finally, in the line status by OLED panel maker, detailed status of panel makers by line is recorded so that component and materials makers can know the mass production capacity of panel makers and future plans. It will be an important guideline for setting up business strategies to respond to OLED-related technologies and materials markets in the future.

1. Key Summary

2. OLED Industry Issue Analysis
2.1 Trend of Localization of Chinese Materials
2.2 IT Line Investment Status and Prospect
2.3 Chinese Panel Makers’ iPhone Panel Mass Production Trend
2.4 Possibility of Additional Investment in QD-OLED
2.5 Decline of Samsung Display’s Rigid OLED Shipments
2.6 Micro OLED Related Development Trends

3. Development of Components and Materials for Foldable Devices and Industry Status
3.1 Foldable Phone Release Trend
3.2 Foldable Device Development Trend
3.3 Foldable OLED Business and Exhibition Trends by Panel Maker
3.4 Ultra Thin Glass
3.5 Colorless PI

4. Main Development Status Analysis of OLED
4.1 Under Panel Camera
4.2 Pol-less
4.3 Low-k Materials
4.4 Light Extraction Efficiency Improvement Material

5. Analysis and Forecast of OLED Panel Makers’ Mass Production Capacity
5.1 Line Status by Panel Maker
5.2 Annual Total Substrate Area Forecast
5.3 Small OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast
5.4 Annual Substrate Area Forecast for Mid-Large-Large OLEDs

6. OLED Shipment Forecast
6.1 OLED Total Shipments
6.2 Shipments by Application
6.3 OLED Shipments for Smartphones
6.4 OLED Shipments for TVs
6.5 OLED Shipments for Tablet PC

7. Major Components and Materials Market Forecast
7.1 Overview
7.2 Total Market
7.3 Substrate
7.4 TFT
7.5 Encapsulation
7.6 Touch sensor
7.7 Polarizer
7.8 Adhesive
7.9 Cover window
7.10 Driver IC & COF
7.11 Composite Sheet
7.12 Process Film

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