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2020 OLED Component and Material Report


October 10, 2020



While the OLED industry, which had been stagnated by COVID-19, is reviving, various technologies such as LTPO TFT and micro lightening pattern (MLP) were newly applied to OLED products in 2020.

In the “2020 OLED Component and Material Report” published this time, we analyzed new technologies and supply chains of OLED component materials for foldable devices, mobile devices, and TVs of each panel maker, and predicted future applicable technologies as a roadmap. In addition, we predicted the MP capacity and shipments of each panel maker by 2025, and predicted the market for key parts and materials such as substrate and TFT, encapsulation, touch sensor, adhesive, cover window, and module.

It will be an important guideline in setting up a business strategy to respond to the OLED-related technology and material market in the future.

1. Key Summary

2. Component Development and Industry Status for Foldable Device
2.1 Release Trend of Foldable Device
2.2 OLED Structure Analysis for Foldable Devices
2.3 Foldable OLED Business and Exhibition Trend
by Panel Companies
2.4 Ultra Thin Glass
2.5 Colorless PI
2.6 Polarizer
2.7 Encapsulation
2.8 Pen for Foldable Device

3. . Component Development and Industry Status for Mobile Device
3.1 Flexible OLED Changes of Samsung Display
3.2 Under Panel Camera
3.3 Materials for Light Extraction Improvement
3.4 Touch Sensor
3.5 Fine Metal Mask

4. Component Development and Industry Status for TV
4.1 Status of Major Panel Companies
4.2 Color Filter
4.3 Electrode for Top Emission
4.4 Optical Mate

5. OLED Mass Production Capacity Analysis and Forecast
5.1 Annual Total Substrate Area Forecast
5.2 Small and Medium size OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast
5.3 Large size OLED Annual Substrate Area Forecast

6. OLED Shipment Forecast
6.1 Total
6.2 By application
6.3 By Substrate for Smartphone

7. Major Component and Material Market Forecast
7.1 Summary
7.2 Total
7.3 Substrate
7.4 TFT
7.5 Encapsulation
7.6 Touch Sensor
7.7 Polarizer
7.8 Adhesive
7.9 Cover Window
7.10 Driver IC & COF
7.11 Composite Sheet
7.12 Process Film

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