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TitleLG Display strengthens its transparent OLED lineup by launching 77-inch transparent OLED this year2023-02-23 13:58

LG Display at 2023 display technology roadmap.png

<LG Display at 2023 display technology roadmap>

LG Display announced that it will release 77-inch transparent OLED products by the end of this year. LG Display plans to continuously strengthen its transparent OLED product lineup, which is a next-generation technology.

At the presentation of the 2023 display technology roadmap held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 21st, Yeo Joon-ho, group manager of LG Display, said, “In addition to the 55-inch size that is currently being released as transparent OLED, we plan to release 77-inch transparent OLED products by the end of 2023.

LG Display Transparent OLED.png

<LG Display Transparent OLED>

Emphasized that “transparent OLED can create a sense of openness that can connect spaces and create new spaces and advertising areas,” adding, “Recently, interior-friendly designs are in the limelight. We have tried many ways to realize the needs of consumers, and if we meet them, we will be able to open consumers’ wallets even at high prices.”

Finally, “LG ​​Display is currently a B2B company, and transparent OLED products are being sold to B2B customers rather than B2C. In the future, we plan to expand the scope to B2C customers.” Group leader Yeo said, “The reaction to transparent OLED in Europe and the US was not bad. However, since the transparent OLED market is centered on B2B, there has not yet been a case where a large unit of volume explodes at once. We are thinking about how to effectively continue our fragmented business.”

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