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  • 2020 OLED Component and Material Report


    October 21, 2020

    While the OLED industry, which had been stagnated by COVID-19, is reviving, various technologies such as LTPO TFT and micro lightening pattern (MLP) were newly applied to OLED products in 2020. In the “2020 OLED Component and Material Report” published this time, we analyzed new technologies and supply chains of OLED component materials for foldable devices, mobile devices, and TVs of each panel maker, and predicted future applicable technologies as a roadmap. In addition, we predicted the MP capacity and shipments of each panel maker by 2025, and predicted the market for key parts and materials such as substrate and TFT, encapsulation, touch sensor, adhesive, cover window, and module. It will be an important guideline in setting up a business strategy to respond to the OLED-related technology and material market in the future.



    September 25, 2020

    The purpose and use of the “2H 2020 OLED Display Report” is to use it as data for planning for 2021, which must be established by each company. Therefore, this report organized a table of contents by application, analyzed the situation by industry, and looked at the market.

    In particular, 2021 is the year when the new coronavirus situation is still in progress, and it is necessary to see the market from a different perspective.

    Exhibitions and conferences were held only in the first half of 2020, but this report summarized the situation and exhibition trends of set manufacturers and panel manufacturers. It also analyzed the results of the first half and recorded the market outlook for the second half and the first half of next year.

  • Monthly OLED Emitting Material Patent Analysis Report


    September 15, 2020

    As the ‘OLED emitting material patent analysis report’ is published monthly in cooperation with UBI Research and Lordin Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyoung Yun Oh, www.lordin.net), a company specializing in OLED emitting materials, a patent analysis report that classified and analyzed the latest patents related to OLED emitting materials and excel data are provided together.

    In addition, it is expected to be of great help to people in related industries because it deals with the issue of patent reviews and expired patent data.

    The August report and Excel Row data published this time will be distributed free of charge. For inquiries, contact UBI Research. (e-mail address: marketing@ubiresearch.com, phone number: +82.2.577.4390)

    PDF(14P)+ Row Date(Excel)
  • Latest OLED Technology Trend Report


    September 15, 2020

    The “Latest OLED Technology Trend Report” analyzed the research presented by display companies, research institutes, and universities in SID, IMID, IDW from 2016 to 2020, and carefully selected and organized only the technology used in OLED manufacturing and the technology deemed applicable in the future.
    It was compiled by Urabe (former Sony OLED development team leader/development director), a senior analyst at UBI Research.
    The report will be a guideline that shows OLED developers the goals and directions of development by technology.

  • AMOLED Manufacturing Process Report Ver.3


    August 15, 2020

    The AMOLED manufacturing process report analyzes the structure and manufacturing process by dividing AMOLED into small and medium-sized and large-area, and also schematics the inspection process of small and medium-sized AMOLED, so each company can understand the overall structure and core processes of AMOLED.
    The LTPO TFT process and QD-OLED process were added to the AMOLED process report ver.3 published this time.
    This report is a must-read report for not only panel makers but also equipment and parts and materials makers to understand the AMOLED manufacturing process.

  • QNED Structure and Manufacturing Technology Analysis Report


    May 25, 2020

    UBI Research published a report analyzing Samsung Display’s 41 published patents for QNED (quantum dot nanorod LED). Samsung Display is developing QNED as the next-generation display business. Reports on the QNED structure have already been issued through various channels, but the substance of the QNED has not been released. This report contains directions for the development of QNED technology, including QNED pixel structure and nanorod LED alignment principles analyzed from published patent content. In addition, a manufacturing process constructed based on the structure depicted in the patent was included.

  • 2020 OLED Emitting Material Report


    March 31, 2020

    The market data for the 2020 emitting material report calculated the demand and amount of materials considering the market changes by application products due to coronavirus and the business status of each panel maker. In this report, the current development status of materials and the direction of improvement of color reproduction rate of panel makers are recorded, so that it is possible to figure out what the direction of material development of light emitting materials companies should be. In addition, the process of manufacturing the pixel process described in the drawings is carefully recorded so that researchers in the light emitting material company can easily understand the process of making the OLED pixel.

  • 2020 OLED Display Annual Report


    February 15, 2020

    The 2020 OLED Annual Report is a comprehensive version of the existing annual report and the contents of the Foldable Report, Solution Process Report and Automotive Report.
    In addition, the contents of the report are organized by device so that each company can closely grasp the OLED industry of interest.
    The OLED industry is broken down by device, detailing technology development trends, set trends, panel makers’ trends, and market performance and outlook.
    In particular, the market data in the report contains almost the contents of the quarterly market tracks published by UBI Research and summarizes the results of the quarterly and yearly graphs in order to understand the annual flow as a single report.
    All market data were categorized by company, device, substrate, and country. The market situation was analyzed in three dimensions by cross-analyzing by classification criteria.

  • 2019 Automotive OLED Display Report


    December 17, 2019

    The Equipment Market Track Report surveyed the equipment market by quarter by selecting equipment for each process required for OLED manufacturing.
    The equipment market was analyzed by quarter and year by dividing by Major Process (Substrate, TFT, OLED, Encapsulation, Cell, Module), Company, Nation, Generation, and Substrate Type (Flexible, Rigid). The equipment market was estimated at the time of ordering for evaporation equipment. The Market Track Quarterly Report provides necessary information to industry leaders leading the OLED industry.

  • 2019 Solution Process OLED Annual Report


    March 31, 2019

    Solution process using inkjet OLED (sol OLED) has been developed mainly as a large OLED panel for TV, but recently began to attract attention in the monitor display market. The evaporation method with FMM that produces OLED for smartphones has a bending phenomenon of FMM. Thus, the substrate is used by dividing into two or four. Since smartphone-sized FMMs are used by attaching 10 to 15 sheets to the mask frame, the profitability is very low due to the small number of cells in the production of 20-inch or larger monitors.