Special Report

Micro Display Technology Report


December 15, 2021


Glasses-type wearable devices are attracting attention as cutting-edge IT products that will succeed smartphones and smart watches. Wearable devices are being used in various industries, from AR and VR to XR and MR. Google, Facebook, and Sony are already releasing AR Glass with various performances, and are spurring software development along with hardware development. The most important part of the glasses-type wearable device is the micro display. In particular, AR, XR, and MR devices are required to display high definition, high brightness, and light weight because virtual reality or augmented reality must be displayed in accordance with reality. This report analyzed the latest development trends of micro display and included them by technology. It is structured so that companies that are promoting the next-generation wearable device business and software business can know the direction of the micro display industry.


1.AR, VR, and XR
1.1 Overview
1.2 VR
1.3 AR
1.4 XR
1.5 XR Device
1.6 Micro Display

2.AR Development Trend
2.1 Evolution of Information Device and Display
2.2 Near-Eye Display Products
2.3 Optical System of Near-Eye Display
2.4 Retina Scanning Type Display
2.5 Waveguide Optical System
2.6 Industry Eco-System of Waveguide Grating Combiner
2.7 Pin Mirror Method
2.8 Micro Mirror Structure Method
2.9 Non-Emissive Micro-Display
2.10 Emissive Micro-Display
2.11 Major Product Development Trends

3.1 Micro-OLED Business Situation
3.2 High Definition of White + CF Type Micro-OLED
3.3 High Brightness of White + CF Type Micro-OLED
3.4 Micro-OLED Direct Patterning: Lithography
3.5 Micro-OLED Direct Patterning: FMTL
3.6 Micro-OLED Direct Patterning: Ultra High-Definition Mask
3.7 Smart Glass Using Pin Mirror

4.Monolithic Micro-LED
4.1 Hybridization of Monolithic Micro-LED and Driver Chip
4.2 Improved Mass Productivity of Monolithic Micro-LED
4.3 Monolithic TFT on GaN micro-LED
4.4 Monolithic Micro-LED Full Color
4.5 Commercialization of Monolithic Micro-LED

5.Micro-OLED or micro-LED ?
5.1 Micro-LED or Micro-OLED?: View from Micro-OLED
5.2 Brightness Comparison: Micro-LED vs. Micro-OLED
5.3 Full Color: Micro-LED vs. Micro-OLED
5.4 Driving Method And Others: Micro-LED vs. Micro-OLED

6.VR Display and Device Development Trend
6.1 Samsung Display
6.2 LG Display
6.3 Facebook and HTC

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