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2019 Automotive OLED Display Report


December 12, 2019


With the development of battery capacity and rapid charging technology, the era of electric vehicles is coming, and autonomous driving technology and 5G communication technology are combined to transform the automobile industry into a new aspect.
In the era when a mobile phone and a house can be connected by combining communication technology with the current car, which remains in the simple transport function, various information can be processed inside the car, so the display used in the dashboard of the car is also increased in size and high definition at the monitor level Is required.
Although the colorster and 5-7 inches in the instrument panel and 7-9 inches for CID are mainly used, it is expected that these two types of displays will be combined into one 20-inch display in the future.
Automotive experts predict that when a display larger than 20 inches is used in automobiles, flexible OLED will become an essential part.
Inside a car, a curved display similar to an aircraft cockpit is the first thing that is needed in order for the driver to see information on a large display. LCD made of glass is also possible, but if the display becomes larger, there is a problem that the display may be damaged in the event of vibration or collision while driving.
In this report, we analyzed the roadmap of automobile displays that will become the flagship product line of OLEDs following smartphones, showing how flexible OLEDs should be developed.
The automotive OLED market is still in its infancy, but the day when the 20-inch flexible OLED will be used in the passenger car market of more than 100 million units per year is expected to be not far away.


1. Smart Car
1.1 Automobile Paradigm Shift
1.2 Connected Car
1.3 Self-Driving Car
1.4 Smart Car and Display

2. Automotive Display
2.1 Display Types and Usages
2.2 Development Prospects for Automotive Display
2.3 Reason why OLED is needed

3. OLED Display of Automobile Manufacturers & Automotive Electronics Companies
3.1 GEA
3.2 Audi
3.3 Denso
3.4 Harman
3.5 Futaba
3.6 Visteon

4. Automotive Display Development Trends of Panel Makers
4.1Requirements for Automotive Display
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Samsung Display
4.4 Visionox
4.5 BOE
4.6 AUO
4.7 Everdisplay와 Royole
4.8 Problems and Future Development Issues of Automotive OLEDs

5. Market Forecast for Automotive OLED Display
5.1 Summary
5.2 Overall Market Forecast
5.3 Market Forecast by Application
5.4 Market Forecast by Size
5.5 Market Forecast by Substrate

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