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2020 OLED Equipment Report


April 04, 2021



In the “2020 OLED Equipment Report” published this time, we analyzed the investment trends, utilization rates, and financial conditions of each panel maker in Korea and China. In addition, the development status of QD-Display being developed by Samsung Display and the manufacturing process of oxide TFT and color filter are included. Moreover, since the OLED equipment market has been categorized by process, generation, country, and equipment until 2023, it will be helpful for OLED-related equipment makers to formulate strategies to respond to the future market.

1. Key Summary

2. Major Panel Companies’ lines and related trends
2.1 Korea
2.2 China
2.3 Operation Ratio of Chinese Panel Companies
2.4 Financial Condition of Chinese Panel Companies
2.5 OLED Capa.

3. QD-Display Development Status
3.2 QNED
3.3 Oxide TFT Manufacturing Process
3.4 Color Filter Manufacturing Process

4. Supply Chain of Major Panel Companies for Mobile Devices
4.1 Korea
4.2 China
4.3 Bidding status in China

5. Global OLED Capa. Forecast
5.1 Total
5.2 Korea
5.3 China

6. Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast
6.2By Process
6.3By Generation
6.4 By Country
6.5 By TFT Technology
6.6By OLED Pixel Structure
6.7 By Substrate
6.8 By Panel Company

7. Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast by Process
7.1 Substrate
7.2 TFT
7.3 OLED
7.4 Encapsulation
7.5 Cell
7.6 Module

8. Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast by Equipment

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