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Latest OLED Technology Trend Report


September 15, 2020



The “Latest OLED Technology Trend Report” analyzed the research presented by display companies, research institutes, and universities in SID, IMID, IDW from 2016 to 2020, and carefully selected and organized only the technology used in OLED manufacturing and the technology deemed applicable in the future.

It was compiled by Urabe (former Sony OLED development team leader/development director), a senior analyst at UBI Research.

The report will be a guideline that shows OLED developers the goals and directions of development by technology.


1. Small Molecule OLED Emitting Material1.1 Fluorescent Material
1.2 Phosphorescent Material
1.3 TADF
1.4 Hyper-fluorescence
1.5 Proposal of Next-generation Emitting Materials
1.6 Total

2. White OLED+CF
2.1 Bottom-emission White OLED
2.2 Top-emission White OLED
2.3 Improvement of Properties of White OLED+CF Method

3. OLED Device Technology
3.1 Inverted OLED
3.2 Transparent OLED
3.3 Electrode Material
3.4 Polarizer
3.5 Color Viewing Angle Dependence Analysis
3.6 Wide Viewing Angle Technology (Moth-eye)
3.7 Transparent Cathode for Top-emission
3.8 Tandem Blue OLED for QD-OLED
3.9 Rollable OLED Display

4. Solution Process OLED
4.1 Current Situation and Problems of Sol OLED
4.2 Development Status of Material for Solution Process: Polymer System
4.3 Comparison between Polymer and Small Molecule Evaporation Materials
4.4 Polymer + Small Molecule Solution Process Materials Development Status
4.5 Solution Process Technology
4.6 Solution Process Device Technology
4.7 Sol OLED

5. Small Molecule Deposition Technology
5.1 FMM Development Situation
5.2 High-fineness Mask for Small Molecule Deposition
5.3 Effect of Deposition Conditions on The Film
5.4 Property Reproducibility
5.5 Patterning of Small Molecule Evaporated Films by Lithography
5.6 Small Molecule Deposition System

6. Encapsulation Technology
6.1 Development Status of Thin Film Encapsulation Technology
6.2 Development of TFE Suitable for Flexible and Foldable
6.3 Face seal

7. Light Extraction Technology
7.1 Improvement of Light Extraction by Molecular Orientation
7.2 Improvement of Light Extraction by Controlling Refractive Index
7.3 Improvement of Light Extraction by Removing Waveguide Mode
7.4 Improvement of Light Extraction by Structure Installation

8. Foldable Technology
8.1 Device Design for Foldable
8.2 Development for Neutral Plane Splitting
8.3 Foldable Material Development

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