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September 09, 2020



The purpose and use of the “2H 2020 OLED Display Report” is to use it as data for planning for 2021, which must be established by each company. Therefore, this report organized a table of contents by application, analyzed the situation by industry, and looked at the market.

In particular, 2021 is the year when the new coronavirus situation is still in progress, and it is necessary to see the market from a different perspective.

Exhibitions and conferences were held only in the first half of 2020, but this report summarized the situation and exhibition trends of set manufacturers and panel manufacturers. It also analyzed the results of the first half and recorded the market outlook for the second half and the first half of next year.

1. Key Summary

2. Analysis of OLED Industry for Smartphones
2.1 OLED Smartphone Trend Analysis
2.2 Analysis of OLED Purchasing Trend of Smartphone Makers
2.3 UPC OLED Smartphone
2.4 Foldable Phone Trend Analysis
2.5 Business Status of OLED Companies for Smartphones and Foldable Phone
2.6 OLED Display Trend Analysis for Smartphones and Foldable Phones
2.7 Analysis of OLED Performance for Smartphones in the First Half of 2020
2.8 Smartphone OLED Market Forecast for the Second Half of 2020

3. OLED Industry Analysis for TV
3.1 OLED TV Exhibition Trend Analysis
3.2 OLED Display Trend Analysis for TV
3.3 Display Company Business Status
3.4 TV OLED Performance Analysis and Forecast

4. OLED Industry Analysis for Watch
4.1 OLED Watch Trend Analysis
4.2 OLED Display Trend for Watch
4.3 Business Status of OLED Companies
4.4 OLED Performance Analysis and Forecast

5. OLED Industry Analysis for Monitors & Notebooks
5.1 OLED Monitor & Notebook Exhibition Trend Analysis
5.2 OLED Exhibition Trend Analysis for Monitor & Notebooks
5.3 OLED Companies Business Status

6. Automotive OLED Industry Analysis
6.1 Automotive Display Exhibition Trend Analysis
6.2 OLED Companies Business Status

7. OLED Mass Production Capacity Analysis and Forecast
7.1 Investments in the First Half and Investments in the Second Half
7.2 Prospect of Mass Production Capa
7.3 Mass Production Capacity Forecast by Company
7.4 Mass Production Capacity Forecast by Generation
7.5 Mass Production Capacity Forecast for Mobile Devices
7.6 TV OLED Mass Production Capacity Forecast

8. OLED Market Performance Analysis
8.1 Overall Market Performance Analysis
8.2 Performance Analysis by Application Product

9. OLED Market Forecast (~2025)
9.1 Overall Market Forecast
9.2 Market Forecast by Company
9.3 Market Forecast by Application Product

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