2022 Mid-Large OLED Display Semi-Annual Report


October 18, 2022



The ‘2022 Mid-Large OLED Display Semi-Annual Report’ contains an analysis of the 10 inch or larger OLED industry, summary of business status by panel maker, and future market outlook. In this report, each panel maker’s IT line status and future investment prospects were dealt with in detail and LG Display’s Paju and Guangzhou line status, and Samsung Display’s technology development and complementary investment for expanding QD-OLED capacity were summarized. In addition, trends of IT products such as notebooks, tablet PCs, monitors released from 2019 to the first half of 2022, and OLED TVs were analyzed, and Mid-to-large OLED products exhibited by each panel maker were summarized. Finally, as the overall OLED market, panel maker, and application product market is predicted until 2027, this report will be an important guideline for establishing business strategies to respond to OLED-related technologies, materials, and equipment markets in the future.

1. Key Summary

2. Analysis of Mid-Large OLED Industry Issues
2.1 IT Line Investment Status and Prospect
2.2 QD-OLED Additional Investment Possibility

3. Analysis of the Mid-Large OLED Industry
3.1 Analysis of Exhibition Trends by Automotive OLED Companies
3.2 OLED Trend Analysis for IT
3.3 IT OLED Exhibition Trend Analysis
3.4 OLED TV Trend Analysis
3.5 OLED TV Exhibition Trend
3.6 OLED Display Trend Analysis for TV

4. Line Status by Panel Maker
4.1 Samsung Display
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Others

5. OLED Mass Production Capacity Analysis and Forecast
5.1 Total Mass Production Capacity Analysis and Investment Timing Analysis
5.2 Mass Production Capa Forecast
5.3 Mass Production Capa Forecast by Company
5.4 Mass Production Capa Forecast by Application
5.5 Mass Production Capacity Forecast by Generation

6. Semi-Annual OLED Market Performance Analysis
6.1 Overall Market Performance Analysis
6.2 Market Performance Analysis by Company
6.3 Performance Analysis by Application

7. Quarterly OLED Market Performance Analysis
7.1 Overall Market Performance Analysis
7.2 Market Performance Analysis by Company
7.3 Market Performance Analysis by Application
7.4 OLED Performance Analysis for TV
7.5 Performance Analysis by Size of OLED for TV

8. OLED Demand and Supply Analysis for TV
8.1 OLED Demand and Supply Analysis for TV by Year
8.2 Quarterly OLED Demand and Supply Analysis for TV

9. OLED Market Forecast
9.1 Overall Market Forecast
9.2 Market Forecast by Panel Maker
9.3 Market Forecast by Application

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