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QNED Structure and Manufacturing Technology Analysis Report


May 05, 2020



UBI Research published a report analyzing Samsung Display’s 41 published patents for QNED (quantum dot nanorod LED).

Samsung Display is developing QNED as the next-generation display business. Reports on the QNED structure have already been issued through various channels, but the substance of the QNED has not been released.

This report contains directions for the development of QNED technology, including QNED pixel structure and nanorod LED alignment principles analyzed from published patent content. In addition, a manufacturing process constructed based on the structure depicted in the patent was included.

1. QNED Overview
1.1 Next-generation Large-size Display Structure Comparison
1.2 QNED Structure

2. Nanorod LED Structure and Manufacturing Process
2.1 What is Nanorod LED?
2.2 Nanorod LED Manufacturing Process

3. TFT Structure and Manufacturing Process
3.1 Expected TFT Structure
3.2 TFT Manufacturing Process

4. Pixel Structure and Manufacturing Process
4.1 Pixel Cross Section Structure
4.2 Pixel Manufacturing Process

5. QD-CF Structure and Manufacturing Process
5.1 Color Conversion Layer Structure
5.2 QD-CF Manufacturing Process

6. Assembly
6.1 Panel assembly
6.2 Panel Assembly Manufacturing Process

7. Electrode Structure Analysis
7.1 Electrode Structure
7.2 Characteristics by Electrode Structure
7.3 Alignment Electrode Gap Adjustment

8. Nanorod LED Alignment Technology
8.1 Alignment Principle
8.2 Nanorod LED Alignment Sequence
8.3 Nanorod LED Alignment Waveform
8.4 Dipole Strengthening Technology

9. Nanorod LED Count control Technology
9.1 Dam Structure for Ink Level Adjustment
9.2 Characteristics by Dam Structure
9.3 Dam Structure for Nanorod LED Alignment

10. Light Extraction Structure and Reflective Layer
10.1 Light Extraction Structure
10.2 Lens Method
10.3 Reflective Layer

11. QNED Development History Analysis
11.1 Nanorod LED Separation Technology Change
11.2 Nanorod LED Insulation Structure Change
11.3 Electrode Structure Changes
11.4 Pixel Structure Change

12. The Meaning of QNED Development and Its Impact on the Display Industry

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