Special Report

Analysis of China’s OLED Industry Trend


June 06, 2021



The Chinese OLED market has slowed growth due to COVID-19, but is showing a recovery trend as panel makers resumed OLED investment and line expansion from the second half of last year. The ‘China OLED Industry Trend Analysis Report’ investigated the business status of Chinese panel makers and analyzed the status of component materials and light emitting materials and the supply chain.

This report, which analyzes China’s OLED performance and forecasts the market outlook, will be a necessary guide for understanding the Chinese OLED industry.


1. Outline

2. Current Status of China’s OLED Application Product Industry
  2.1 Smartphone Launch Trend in The First Half of 2021
  2.2 Foldable and Rollable Phone Trends
  2.3 Analysis of Mass Production Model by Company
  2.4 OLED TV Release Trend in The First Half of 2021
  2.5 Trend of OLED TV Products

3. OLED Exhibition Trends by Chinese Panel Makers
  3.1 BOE
  3.2 CSOT
  3.3 EverDisplay Optronics
  3.4 Tianma
  3.5 Visionox
  3.6 OLED Display Trend Analysis for Watch
  3.7 Foldable and Rollable OLED Exhibition Trend Analysis
  3.8 TV OLED Exhibition Trend Analysis

4. OLED Business Status of Chinese Panel Makers
  4.1 BOE
  4.2 CSOT
  4.3 EverDisplay Optronics
  4.4 Tianma
  4.5 Visionox
  4.6 Royole

5. Chinese Component Material Market for OLED
  5.1 Major Components and Materials Market Performance Analysis
  5.2 Major Components and Materials Market Forecast

6. China Emitting Material Market
  6.1 Supply Chain and Panel Structure Analysis by Panel Maker
  6.2 China Emitting Materials Market Performance Analysis
  6.3 China Emitting Materials Market Forecast

7. Equipment Supply Chain Analysis
  7.1 OLED Equipment Supply Chain for Mobile Devices
  7.2 Detailed Supply Chain of BOE B7/B11/B12
  7.3 Equipment suppliers of CSOT T4-ph2
  7.4 Equipment Suppliers for Visionox V3

8. Capa analysis of Chinese OLED Panel Makers
  8.1 Mass Production Capa Forecast
  8.2 Mass Production Capa Forecast by Company
  8.3 Mass Production Capa Forecast by Generation
  8.4 Forecast of Mass Production Capacity by Company for Mobile Devices
  8.5 Forecast of Mass Production Capacity by Substrate Type for Mobile Devices

9. China OLED Performance Analysis and Forecast
  9.1 Total Sales Performance by Quarter
  9.2 Market Performance Analysis by Company
  9.3 Market Performance Analysis by Product
  9.4 Market Performance Analysis of Smartphone OLED
  9.5 Market Performance Analysis of Watch OLED

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